Metallic Miracle-Worker: Rub n Buff!

This is one of our best friends, and something that no crafter's toolbox should be without!  Rub n Buff is a metallic wax that can be applied to any number of materials to give them a gilded look.  One of our favorite ways to use this is on cabinet hardware.  For those of you that are on a budget but are tired of their brass or chrome knobs, polish them up with a little "Antique Gold" or "Silver" Rub n Buff on a paper towel and VOILA:  Completely updated hardware!  A little goes a long way and at only around $5.00 a tube, that's a huge bargain.  

There are a huge plethora of colors available, but the only ones we have been able to find at our local Hobby Lobby are "Antique Gold," "Silver," "Copper," and "Verdigris."   To order any of the colors on this chart, you can order online at

Also use it to highlight painted wood furniture, change a gold necklace to silver, enhance carved wood molding (are you seeing how endless the possibilities are??...)