Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Felt Up!

One FABULOUSLY inexpensive textural element to use for any of your interior projects is a felted sweater!  To seek out these little darlings, visit your local Goodwill store or other thrift shop for sweaters that have a wool count of at least 90% (bonus points for sweaters that are cable knit or have a cute pattern!)  To begin the shrinking process, simply:

Use hot water with or without detergent (you will definitely want to add some if the sweater smells like it has been packed away in Auntie Em's attic for a few years!)

Add weight to the washing machine!  If you don't have any other clothes that can be thrown in with this load, add an object like a flip flop or tennis ball:  The weight will enhance the agitation of the wool thus resulting in a thicker, more shrunken sweater.

Throw 'em into the dryer and dry completely!

After you are all finished, use your felt for projects such as reupholstering a chair, dressing up a lampshade (as we will detail here soon!), or making a cute little felted flower for your hair!

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