Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Story

Designed Sealed and Delivered was created in 2006 by Jennifer Boehler and Tiffanny Brandel after attending design school together and working at the same interior design firm for several years.  During this time,  we felt that there was a huge void in the design world:  Creating a style for clients that was both unique and affordable.  To us, this meant combining the quirkiness of vintage pieces, the textures of natural items, and the practicality of modern elements to create a fluid design that spoke directly to each individual client.  Following the birth of our children, we put this philosophy into action and began our company.  

Since our launch, we have not only been putting this philosophy into action with interior design, but also with holiday design and event design.  We have also recently began creating custom accessories and products using the same vintage+natural+modern formula that can be purchased on Etsy!  Our latest step is this blog, which is being created to bring everyday tips and techniques to our followers that can help everyone design a beautiful life!  Enjoy!

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