Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Paris Market (heaven in Savannah!)

For any of you that may be traveling to Savannah, GA anytime soon, here is a store that you cannot miss! 
The Paris Market & Brocante is a extraordinarily eclectic shop that combines the finest of vintage, handmade, and new items.  These items are integrated so seamlessly that it will leave you guessing which category each find fits into.  Located at 36 West Broughton Street in the Historic District of Savannah, the outside of this store is only a charming taste of all the wonder that's to come inside!
Upon entering, you are greeted by sumptuous displays of old statuary and a large "Paris" sign emblazoned at the back of the store.  
Antique wooden fixtures house everything from soaps, perfumes & jewelry to chandeliers, architectural elements and natural pickings (even real bee's nests!)  Kitschy taxidermy abounds, as does old photographic ephemera and supplies.  
There is a little for everyone here, as you can see from the pictures.  There is even an entire section dedicated to kids that has clothing, handmade and vintage-inspired toys, bedding, and old-fashioned marbles!  This two-story shop also has a small cafe where you can stop to order a coffee or infused water (homemade everyday with things like strawberries and basil).
If a Savannah visit is not in the immediate future, you can visit their website at
Although the website appears to be set-up for online sales, this service is currently unavailable.  But pay the site a visit anyway for some good old-fashioned inspiration!

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